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So it's odd that I still don't have a review of this fantastic game, but better late than never!)
I'll say one thing - possibly the most unusual game in its genre. My acquaintance to the game began with a distant 2012 pirated version. At the time, I had no idea what Steam was. Two of my friends introduced me to this game, and at first I felt it was too visually uninteresting, but I am a stupid lad, and I didn't know the real truth of Terraria's unique environment, namely:
- Distinctive battle mechanics.
- A plethora of unique weapons, materials, crafts, suits, armor, and other game values.
- An incredible music that will offer you an incredible amount of enjoyment.
- Managers.
- The biomes and the ecosystems in which they exist.
- In-game events - in which you die with a grin on your face, rather than with fury and depression:-)
Only one of the disadvantages is that the updates. Many would say - setup modifications and you will be satisfied, but the mods regrettably are not mine - as an unending grind in the games revolted me.
Bottom line, the game is certainly worth its money, and you will not find a single sandbox better than Terraria - because they just do not exist. I just activated "waiter" mode since I'm expecting and hoping for a huge upgrade, which hasn't happened in a very, very long time.
Do I suggest Terraria? Naturally!!! Yes!!! 


It's simply a fantastic experience. I hope everyone will take the same road I took with this game. It has been with me through both joyous and scary periods in my life. Terraria is what kept me going, ignoring everything that was dragging me down into the pit of melancholy and misery. Thank you for creating this BEAUTIFUL environment, Re-Logic! Words cannot express how much I adore and appreciate you. It was a thrilling experience, but all good things must come to an end...


The game is great) I don't play Minecraft, but I loved this game) Large environment, plenty of stuffs of all types. Build a fortress, fortify your defenses, summon companions, and survive with them. I am not the only one! Overall, I give the game a 10/10! Everyone should try it!


It's tough to judge a decent game after playing it for more than 5 years, but the review is something to write about)))

Many armor pieces, various crafting tables, and so on are superior than those found in Minecraft.
In addition, there are regular updates.


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First and foremost, this is one of the few indie games that I am not pulled into.

The game was released in 2011, and the creator continues to maintain it with big upgrades.

You may play with your pals.

In the mine, 10/10 rocks will fall on your head.


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I can't say anything bad about this game.

+ A lot of weapons, actually a lot of them.
+ Nice and fascinating monsters.
+ Nice visuals (particularly if HD textures are installed on top.)
+ Well-implemented architecture. There is always something to keep you occupied.

And now for the drawbacks:

- There aren't many bosses, actually, very few... All of the mobs are pretty monotonous; sure, they may be called by various names, and yes, the texture may change, but they are all the same mob with the same behavior.
- Extremely uncommon updates.

Well, I stated what I thought, but the game is great and enjoyable, and whether you play it or not is entirely up to you.